Life at Mayville

As an independent school, life is never dull at Mayville. We offer over 30 clubs and societies to support our curriculum and excite children, across a diverse range of activities. Whether pupils choose to enhance the sports and creative arts already embedded within the timetable, or take advantage of the chance to try something completely new, our pupils are never short of opportunities to challenge themselves and broaden their horizons in the local community.

Information for parents

We have compiled a handy reference guide to essential information for existing and prospective parents, including download links for all of our current information booklets.

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Information for Parents
No two days at Mayville are the same!

A day in the life

What is life like for pupils at Mayville? Our diverse curriculum and broad range of extracurricular activities ensure that no two days are the same! Mayville pupils benefit from a rich and varied timetable, learning in a fun and supportive environment.

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Creative Arts

The arts are firmly embedded into Mayville life. We believe that creative exploration helps to promote confidence and self-determination in pupils. In addition to the immediate rewards of making, performing or displaying creative work, children also benefit from developing a sense of innovation and adaptability that helps them to negotiate, solve problems and make decisions independently.

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Sport and physical exercise are an essential part of life at Mayville. All pupils benefit from timetabled P.E. lessons and the opportunity to develop skills in a wide variety of team and individual sports. Our first-rate sports facilities and highly-qualified staff enable pupils to play and compete at all levels.

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Opportunity & Challenge – a wide range of extracurricular activities and trips enhance the Mayville learning experience

Opportunity & challenge

Timetabled lessons are supplemented and enhanced by a wide range of extracurricular clubs, activities and societies. Creative Arts, team and individual sports, Duke of Edinburgh, St John Ambulance and a diverse mix of practical skills clubs ensure that all tastes and interests are catered for. Regular field trips, residentials and our once in a lifetime Camps International expedition offer pupils the chance to broaden their horizons, beyond the classroom environment.

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The House system

We have a three-house system (Nelson - Yellow, Cavell – Blue and Austen - Green). All pupils (and staff) are allocated to one of these houses. The school has inter-house trophies for conduct, work and a variety of sporting and creative activities. The pupils are encouraged to support their houses. In both the Senior and Junior departments pupils act as House Captains.

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Three Houses at Mayville – Austen, Cavell & Nelson
A wealth of options for the future – life after Mayville

Life after Mayville

It is our aim that pupils leave us as confident, independent and empathetic members of society. The skills and knowledge that our leavers take from their time at Mayville equips them to continue the pursuit of excellence, in all its forms, in their own lives and aspirations beyond GCSE.

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