Tailored learning

Mayville has always offered a ‘whole child’ approach to education, that values every child’s unique talents and interests. Small class sizes enable us to know each pupil and tailor their individual development throughout their school life.

Core subjects – taught separately

Mayville admits pupils from Reception to Year 11. Boys and girls are taught separately in the core subjects throughout the school because we believe it best meets their learning needs, which is in line with all the published evidence. We do this ensuring that the model of tuition benefits both girls and boys; we make sure the teaching is of equal quality and that outcomes are in line for boys and girls – in fact they are always better, with the amount of value-added quite staggering. There is much research which suggests that girls often learn better in single-sex environments in STEM subjects where encouragement can be given to participate well.

We have been doing this at Mayville since we first admitted boys to the school in 1994 and we are the only school in the area to adopt this method of teaching. Pupils, however, are taught in mixed groups for all other subjects. We believe it offers pupils the best of both worlds.

Mayville Senior girls Science class

… small enough to care

Small class sizes and tutor groups enable us to know each pupil and tailor their individual development, throughout all stages of their school life.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to education at Mayville. We value every child’s unique talents and interests and provide a bespoke educational programme for each pupil, that acknowledges the importance of developing personal character alongside academic achievement. Our small class sizes ensure that all pupils receive additional support or extension, as appropriate, in order to help them achieve their own personal best.

We pride ourselves on being renowned as a creative school and we know that a number of parents choose Mayville specifically for this reason. Our independent curriculum allows us to timetable lessons in dance, music, drama and visual arts, alongside regular performance opportunities. Our pupils also benefit from flexibility and invaluable support when auditioning, performing or competing outside of school. However, it is our firm belief that creativity in learning is central to the development of essential problem-solving and lateral thinking skills in all children and this underpins our whole ethos.

Current GCSE options

Art & Design
Computer Science

DT: Textiles
DT: Timbers


Physical Education
Religious Studies
Study Skills

Vocational Performing Arts

Mayville High School has long been ahead of its time in recognising the intrinsic value of performing arts and has a proven track record in creative excellence. In a bid to build bridges between the arts, our Academy of Performing Arts aims to offer pupils a more rounded education, and the opportunity to build and develop their skills in each performance area by offering the following courses, both internally and for external (non-Mayville) pupils:

– RSL Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts (Dance & Acting pathways)
– RSL Level 2 Certificate in Performance for Music Practitioners

These qualifications are designed to supplement GCSEs and are scheduled outside of the regular school day, to offer practical, structured learning with the flexibility to specialise in dance and/or acting and related performing arts industries. Mayville is the only local school, in both the private and state sector, to offer the Performing Arts courses certificated by RSL (Rockschool Ltd).

For further information on applying for our Vocational Performing Arts Courses, please contact: performingarts@mayvillehighschool.net