Excellent pastoral care

At Mayville, we believe that pupils learn best when they have self-esteem, self-confidence and self-knowledge and we are dedicated to nurturing pupils who will leave us as talented, confident and empathetic members of our community.

Pupils exhibit increasing levels of confidence and self-esteem over time, fully supported by the school’s excellent pastoral care and welfare system.

They enjoy school, have a keen sense of belonging and thrive in the family atmosphere created in a tight-knit community where all ages mix."

ISI Inspection report, January 2020

Excellence through nurture

At Mayville, we are very proud of the reputation and high quality of our pastoral care. Our belief is that in 'excellence through nurture' teachers and pupils alike share a commitment to care for one another. The pastoral system embodies this instinct for care and support, embedded within a school that sees itself as a family. We meet together, from the very youngest to the oldest child, in assembly every Monday morning and in the meetings of our whole school Houses. Our care grows from a belief in the potential of every child and a sense of ourselves as a happy community, which knows and supports its members well.

The House system

The House system at Mayville further helps our pupils to fulfil their potential. Through their involvement with Austen, Cavell or Nelson, boys and girls can take part in a broad range of activities, from charitable projects to organised sport. House activities allow pupils to share the excitement and rewards of working together as a team, undertaking responsibility and organisation, overcoming challenges and facing competition; children grow as an integral part of a culture of encouragement and support.
The House system

I have been delighted with the school, staff are approachable, it is creative and caters for each individual child. It really does take the gifts children have and then develops them."



Safeguarding at Mayville

All children have the right to learn in a safe and supportive environment and, as such, safeguarding is at the heart of our pastoral provision. In addition to our specialist in-house support (we have an in-house school counsellor, a dedicated welfare support office and a newly expanded dedicated safeguarding team), we ensure that pupils and families can benefit from the full range of support offered by our local authority partners.

Happy, purposeful and fulfilled pupils

Our culture is founded on carefully integrated schemes of academic and pastoral monitoring.

Specialist advice and support are embedded in the system through the guidance of the Headteacher, the Senior Pastoral Team, the Director of Studies, the Dyslexia Unit and the School Counsellor, all of whom are closely and diversely involved with the fine points of pastoral care and progress.

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