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Mayville has been at the heart of Southsea life since 1897 and, to this day, we continue to follow our founding philosophy of educating the 'whole child' – 'The head. The hands. The heart'. Our ethos serves to instil a life-long love of learning in every pupil. Throughout our Nursery, Junior, Senior & Online Schools, studies and activities are inclusive and structured to meet the needs, challenge the expectations and exceed the goals of each individual.

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Term dates 2020 - 2021

Autumn Term:  Thu 3rd Sep – Fri 11th Dec
Half-term:  Mon 19th Oct – Fri 30th Oct

Inset days: 1st-2nd Sep

Spring Term: Wed 6th Jan – Fri 26th Mar
Half-term:  Mon 15th Feb – Fri 19th Feb

Inset days: 4th-5th Jan. Revision week: w/c 29th Mar

Summer Term: Tue 20th Apr – Fri 9th Jul
Half-term:  Mon 31st May – Fri 4th Jun

Inset day: 19th Apr

Term dates 2021 - 2022

Autumn Term:  Mon 6th Sep – Tue 14th Dec
Half-term:  Mon 18th Oct – Fri 29th Oct

Inset days: 2nd-3rd Sep

Spring Term: Thu 6th Jan – Thu 31st Mar
Half-term:  Mon 14th Feb – Fri 18th Feb

Inset days: 4th-5th Jan. Revision week: w/c 4th Apr

Summer Term: Wed 20th Apr – Thu 8th Jul
Half-term:  Mon 30th May – Fri 3rd Jun

Inset day: 19th Apr. Bank Holiday: Mon 2nd May

School calendar

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have had to postpone or cancel many of our usual events, assemblies, fixtures and trips. Parents' evenings are currently being held remotely, via Zoom. We are doing our utmost to find inventive ways of keeping you involved in school life and share in your children's performances and successes – many of which have been filmed remotely and shared on our social media channels. Please watch this space to keep updated.

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Mayville stories

We publish a termly magazine, The Register, celebrating Mayville life and our pupils' work and achievements, both within and outside of school. Chorus is our blog space, for teachers and pupils to share their interests, thoughts and ideas with the wider community.

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