Supporting children & families

Communication between teachers, pupils and families is at the heart of our excellent pastoral care and special educational needs provision. Parental involvement in the school is encouraged and we are always on hand for general information or to discuss specific concerns relating to your child.

Bringing teaching staff and parents together

The teaching staff are a special part of our caring provision and are central to our pastoral system. In Pre-Prep and Juniors, form teachers ensure that their pupils are happy and settled at school. In the Senior School, the tutor becomes the first point of contact for pupils, parents and teachers alike. Knowing your child well and seeing him or her every day enables the teacher or tutor to develop a close understanding of the children in their care, allowing them to act as support, stimulus and guide to the academic, personal, social and extra-curricular development of their pupils.

We believe that close liaison with parents is integral to securing the best possible outcomes for children and we will be informative and responsive as your son or daughter makes their way through the school.


My son was really allowed to be himself. I don't think he'd be as confident and well-adjusted as he is, if he hadn't been to Mayville."

Parents of former pupil