LGBT+ History Month

Shining the Light on LGBT+

During LGBT+ History Month, PSHE Co-ordinator & English teacher, Mrs Hardcastle, highlights the importance of celebrating diversity in literature.

Tackling the reluctant reader

Tackling the Reluctant Reader

When your child doesn’t love reading as much as you: how to tackle the reluctant reader. Mrs Matthias-Rosser offers some lockdown tips.

The Thought Fox, by Ted Hughes

Language Matters

‘The words we use matter, the way we talk to people, communicate with them, write to them matters.’ – Ms Reid discusses how language, in fact, matters.

Amanda Gorman – Rising up through poetry

Rising Up Through Poetry

In response to Amanda Gorman’s poem at the presidential inauguration, Mrs Hardcastle reflects on the often misunderstood power of poetry.

Reading for Pleasure

The Importance Of Reading For Pleasure

The love of a good book… Mrs Hardcastle shares her love of literature and highlights how reading for pleasure is helping her to escape the lockdown gloom.