Mayville's New Year Resolutions, 2024

Mayville’s Resolutions, 2024

Mayville's Resolutions, 2024

Author: Max Ivemey, Year 9 (U4).
17th January 2024.

At Mayville, we’ve set ourselves some New Year’s resolutions that will help push our academic boundaries. We’ve set achievable goals that are easy to change but will have big impacts by seeing what we do well in school, what we struggle with, and how to improve. For example, studying for an extra hour a week or improving handwriting.
The metacognition cycle
For our first assembly back in 2024, Mrs Matthias-Rosser talked about how to set realistic goals using the Metacognition Cycle. First, we evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, we then think about how to improve on our weaknesses, and then we apply the strategy.

 We also looked at Benjamin Zephaniah, a poet, born Benjamin Springer, who had dyslexia and was expelled from his school in Birmingham because he couldn’t read or write.

After some prison time, he moved to London to start a new life under a new name. You may have heard of his poems, such as Talking Turkeys, and was so successful that he was given a name which means ‘treasured by god’ and even refused an OBE.

We learned about how to be motivated for our resolutions and why some resolutions don’t even make it past the first week of January. We learned about the top 10 worldwide resolutions, then we wrote down our own resolutions. UVs focussed theirs on their upcoming exams. Resolutions included ‘to use my phone less’ and ‘to revise hard and pass maths.’

Overall, the most common resolutions in Mayville in 2024 were:

  • Try to eat healthier.
  • Try to become more organised.
  • Try to get a higher grade average in lessons.
  • Try to improve my handwriting.
  • Try to work out more.
  • To help my family and friends.

So good luck to everyone with keeping their New Year’s resolutions and let’s have a great 2024 here at Mayville.

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