The power of listening

The Importance of Pressing Pause

Mrs Matthias-Rosser with a reminder of the impact you can make if you just stop, pause the to-do list and really listen to the person you are with.

Sport, survival & salvation

Sport, Survival and Salvation

The last year has been tough. Mrs Hardcastle reflects on how staying physically active has helped her to survive the pandemic and maintain a positive outlook.

LGBT+ History Month

Shining the Light on LGBT+

During LGBT+ History Month, PSHE Co-ordinator & English teacher, Mrs Hardcastle, highlights the importance of celebrating diversity in literature.

Art in lockdown 3.0

Art, Mindfulness & Lockdown 3.0

Inspired by a letter from a Year 2 pupil, Mr Schmit writes on the importance of mindfulness and creativity – making time for the things you love.

Reading for Pleasure

The Importance Of Reading For Pleasure

The love of a good book… Mrs Hardcastle shares her love of literature and highlights how reading for pleasure is helping her to escape the lockdown gloom.

Welcome to the 'new normal'

Adjusting To The ‘New Normal’

In an article originally written for ‘The Register’ during the first lockdown, Julia offers valuable insights and advice for our current Year 11 pupils.